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Jamie Chabura
Director of Development

In 2015, Fr. Jerry Gunderson had the opportunity to spend Holy Week and Easter in the Diocese of Chipata, Zambia.  While there, Fr. Gunderson witnessed first hand the needs of the poor and church workers in Zambia. Following the invitation from Pope Francis for the church to be a "field hospital" he introduced our parish to Fr. Wilfred, pastor of the Chikwa Parish. Together they have established a beautiful relationship between our two parishes. Cardinal Cupich explains, "That is Christ’s challenge for the church today: to be a field hospital for the needy. To bring those glad tidings, not to sit back and wait for those who need them to ask. To go out, to travel to the peripheries where the oppressed reside. To be with the wounded on the field of battle. This is what is acceptable to the Lord. It is radical. Mercy always is. And as Pope Francis continues to remind us of this truth, he takes us back to our Christian roots, helping us realize that this challenge has been with us all along."

Over the past three years, an ongoing partnership between MSW and Chikwa Parish has been established. The MSW community has responded generously on may levels to the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Lenten Appeals. Our partnership with the Chikwa Parish is a concrete example of how we as Catholics are linked verticially to God and horizontially to one another by the power of the Holy Spirit.

2019 Lenten Almsgiving
A Fund for Basic Human Needs
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Past Efforts:
2018 Lenten Almsgiving
Building a Permanent Parish & Rectory 

2017 Lenten Almsgiving
Communication Needs:  Solar Panels, A Satellite Dish and Internet Connection

2016 Lenten Almsgiving
Trasportation Needs: 100 Buffalo Bikes and a Vehicle