Development Office

If you have any questions regarding your support of MSW, please contact:

Jamie Chabura
Director of Development

Making a Sunday Giving Commitment to MSW is an important part of what it means to be a good Christian steward. Giving a financial commitment to support the basic operating needs of MSW Parish represents a tangible expression of gratitude for God’s role in your life and the part the church has played in deepening your spirituality. At the same time, your commitment enables the church to support the many programs, ministries, and services that promote prayer, service and giving to others within, and beyond the MSW community. 

Sustaining Donors

One of the most helpful things you can do as a faithful steward of our parish is donate through recurring electronic gifts.

Why Enroll?
-Recurring Sunday offerings provide the parish with year-round stability and allow us to best support our ministries and programs.
-We have seen an increase in our Sunday collections as enrollment in this program has increased.
-Your stewardship plans will be met even if you forget your envelope or are traveling-it's one less thing to think about!

Enroll today!

We thank you for your prayerful consideration and your generous commitment to our parish.