Funeral Arrangements

If you have had a death in your family and need to reach someone to make arrangements, please call the rectory at 847.825.3153

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"Lord, for your faithful people, life is changed, not ended."

~Preface for Christian Death I, Roman Missal

At the death of a Christian, whose life of faith was begun in the waters of baptism and strengthened at the Eucharistic table, the Church intercedes on behalf of the deceased because of its confidant belief that death is not the end nor does it break the bonds forged in life. The Church also ministers to the sorrowing and consoles them in the funeral rites with the comforting word of God and the sacrament of the Eucharist.

On the Occasion of bereavement, the parish is prepared to assist you.  We appreciate the difficulties a family is facing at this time and will respond with genuine concern.

While preliminary contact with the parish office is frequently made by funeral directors, you may contact the office of Mary, Seat of Wisdom directly.  After the initial contact has been made, a member of our bereavement ministry will assist you in planning the funeral liturgy.