Centering Prayer Meets on Wednesday evenings in the Clark Ministry Center Chapel at 6:45 pm

For more information:
Phil or Mary Anne Jackson

Additional Resources:
Contemplative Outreach website

“The climate of this prayer is, then, one of awareness, gratitude and a totally obedient love which seeks nothing but to please God.”

~Thomas Merton, Contemplative Prayer

 Centering Prayer is a form of praying which focuses on God by clearing one’s mind and heart. Praying in this manner deepens the felt presence of God in daily life. The ministry offers participants a time to experience quiet, and participants strive to become more patient, more loving, and more aware of God in daily life, eventually living in a state of contemplative prayer. They also attend to the spiritual journeys of all who are interested, and stay in harmony with Contemplative Outreach. Participants sometimes read and reflect on Bible readings using Lectio Divina and also share aspects of their spiritual life. Drop-ins are welcome at any time.