Groups meet monthly to discuss Christian topics and current events.

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"And that is what marriage is! Setting out and walking together, hand in hand, putting yourselves in the Lord’s powerful hands. Hand in hand, always and for the rest of your lives. And do not pay attention to this makeshift culture, which can shatter our lives."

~Pope Francis

 Christian Family Movement is one of the longest-standing ministries at Mary, Seat of Wisdom. The mission of CFM is to promote Christ-centered marriage and family life, to help individuals and families to live their faith daily, and to improve society through acts of love, service and education.  Couples in CFM strive, through looking at Christ's call to love and service, and its context in today's society and family life, to support each other in marriage- and family-building acts.  Members of Christian Family Movement feel their participation builds a stronger marriage, helps them grow in their faith, makes them aware of issues facing the community, and helps them build long-lasting friendships.  New members are welcome at any time.