Archdiocese of Chicago Vocations Office

Vocation Director
Fr. Timothy Monahan
750 North Wabash
Chicago, IL 60611


Already dedicated to him through Baptism, the person who surrenders themself to the God they love above all else thereby consecrates themselves more intimately to God’s service and to the good of the church. 

~Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 931

Being called to the Priesthood is a calling to love - in a larger, communal love of Christ and his Church. Ordained ministers serve the People of God by teaching, divine worship and pastoral governance. The ordained ministry is conferred in three degree, or "orders"...bishops, presbyters, and deacons. The Church confers the sacrament of Holy Orders only on baptized men whose suitability for the ministry has been duly recognized.

Deacons are ministers ordained for tasks of service to the Church, including ministry of the Word, divine worship, and the service of charity. Married men may be ordained as deacons after a period of preparation and study. Ordination as deacons is the first order attained for a seminarian preparing for the priesthood. Vocations to the religious life are a special call from God to serve Him in His Church.

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