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Maureen Kaminski

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"A house of prayer must be expressive of the presence of God and suited for the celebration of the sacrifice of Christ, as well as reflective of the community that celebrates there."

USCCB: Built of Living Stones

The Art and Environment Ministry plans and coordinates the decoration of the worship space for all major feasts, seasons, and celebrations of the liturgical year to enhance the worship of our parishioners. This ministry strives to embellish the worship space with designs that complement the Church and enhance its architecture through the use of natural plants and flowers that add life to bricks and mortar and reflect the beauty of God’s creation. We work with materials that radiate color, illustrate skilled workmanship and original ideas, and suggest the sacred, the joyful, and the eternal. Most important, our decorations help create a welcoming, holy place of worship.

Ministry members create, maintain and replace seasonal decorations, altar cloths, flowers, and plants and needed. Through review of scripture and various documents on art and environment in liturgical worship, preparations are made for feasts and liturgical seasons. Members are made aware of and informed of the importance of their role in parish worship through planned meetings in the parish and/or workshops offered the the Archdiocesan Office of Diving Worship. Helping hands are always welcome to help care for our live plants and seasonal decorations.