Director of Liturgy

Carol Knoerzer

The Sacristan Ministry coordinates the behind-the-scenes details of all liturgies for weekends, major seasons and feast days, helping to prepare for the community’s worship throughout the Church’s liturgical year.  Sacristans provide assistance to the celebrants by providing all the elements needed for worship, e.g., bread, wine, vessels, linens, candles, books, etc. They ensure all necessary ministers are present and, if needed, recruit extra ministers prior to the start of a liturgy. They also provide information to other liturgical ministers on changes or announcements to assist them in their immediate responsibilities for worship. They assist the altar servers in preparation for their
responsibilities during the liturgy.  

Sacristans ensure that any element that is broken, torn, or needs replacement or attention is reported. On appointed Sundays they prepare for infant baptism by providing all the necessary elements. In particular Sacristans help in the physical preparations for the various celebrations of the Sacred Triduum during Holy Week and Easter.  

There are no scheduled meetings for this ministry.  Communication via email from the Liturgy Director, clergy or head sacristan provides needed updates and information. Sacristans usually serve once a month with specific training provided.