Julia Center

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Jim and Corrie Keefe

“Migrants and refugees can experience, along with difficulties, new, welcoming relationships which enable them to enrich their new countries with their professional skills, their social and cultural heritage, and not infrequently, their witness of faith, which can bring a new energy and life to communities of ancient and Christian tradition, and invite others to encounter Christ and to come to know the Church.”

~Pope Francis Message for the 2013 World Day of Migrants and Refugees, October 12, 2012


Julia Center is an outreach center for Hispanic  immigrant families, women, and girls located in Chicago's West Town community, providing avenues to gain language and life skills while becoming part of their new community.  Their work is supported by financial assistance from Mary, Seat of Wisdom through the Operation Friendship envelopes. An annual fall collection allows MSW parishioners to supply goods for the Julia Center rummage sale. Volunteers are always needed to accept donations and load the trucks for the fall collection.