Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers are sponsored by the Park Ridge Ministerial Association and held every Sunday between Labor Day and Memorial Day to provide a hot meal for those who have difficulty providing enough frood for themselves and their families.

Doors Open 5:45 p.m 

St. Luke's Lutheran Church
205 N. Prospect Avenue
Park Ridge, IL  60068
Interested individuals should have their ministry leader contact:
Linda Krol, Social Concerns Ministry Head
or the Parish Office at 847-825-3153.


"For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me"

Matthew 25:35


Acting on Christ’s mandate to feed the hungry, the Sunday Suppers Ministry provides and serves a simple hot meal on Sunday evenings at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Park Ridge.  Parish ministry groups volunteer on a rotating basis five to six Sundays throughout the year, along with many other churches and civic groups in Park Ridge, to provide sustenance for individuals and families struggling financially in the area.

Each ministry group is responsible for scheduling a selected date with the Ministry Head and providing and serving a meal, either homemade or catered.  Working with the staff at the serving site, the ministry will set up for guests and clear and clean the area following the guests' departure, and provide hospitality to guests.  There are no meetings for this ministry.  Time commitment for the evening of service is approximately 4-5 hours on site for setup, service and clean up on the scheduled Sunday afternoon/evening.